Real Housewife of a Chef

As you’ve probably guessed, my husband is a chef. Go ahead, have a moment where the green-eyed monster is knocking on your brain door; I’ll wait.

Now, let me take a guess; your thoughts were something like, “OMG! I’m so jealous. You are sooooo lucky.”, “I bet he cooks ALL the time”, “Do you, like, never have to cook?”, “I wish my husband knew how to cook.”, “I would never cook again.”.

Does that sound about right?


I hear these things all the time. People meet me, chit-chat happens and then that inevitable awkward silence gets filled with a version of those statements. Now, first, let me tell you, that yes, when my husband does cook, it is amaze-balls; like, out of this world, sooooo good. He is very good at what he does and is part of the reason why he gets paid for doing it. But, with that said, I’m lucky because of who he is and not for what he does. If I was only lucky because of the things he cooked for me, well hunny, I would have a very lackluster relationship.

Think about it this way… you help or teach people how to drive a car, every single day, 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week. On those 6th & 7th days, you have friends and family asking you to teach them how to drive.When you go home at night, how inclined to driving are you?


He is definitely not as gung-ho about it as most might think. It does not help that he loves to help anyone who asks and be the center of attention (which, most chefs love). This all just means I get the already used and abused chef at the end of a hard day. So, when my husband comes home, he wants nothing more than to be able have an already cooked meal waiting to be devoured. Now, of course this does not always happen but I do my best to make it happen as often as I can; because he deserves to feel lucky too.

One of the other statements I get is from people who try to “empathize” with me. They will say something like “Oh, I would always be so self-conscious cooking for him”. And to be honest with you, I’m harder on myself than he is. I wait in anticipation of his first bite and you know how I know if I actually succeeded? He gets seconds. Yep, that’s the universal sign for Yum!


The really great thing about having a chef for a husband is that my food gets that much better and my repertoire of recipes grows exponentially. With that said, I still think I make the best mac & cheese recipe between the two of us (an argument that he will fight me about for as long as we are lucid enough to argue it). I have my go-tos and they are pretty damn good, if I do say so myself; and being the amazing man that he is, he will agree. We balance each other and make it work.

So, to all those women who see my husband at work and try his food; yes, I’m lucky; yes, be jealous; and please for the love of all that is yummy, stop propositioning him — you’d be very disappointed to find that he still spends his Sundays watching football and ignoring you when you want to know how that outfit makes you look. 😉


4 thoughts on “Real Housewife of a Chef

  1. Funny how people think your life is on easy street because you have a chef for a husband. Mine is an accountant and I balance the checkbook and pay all the bills. It is the last thing he wants to do when he gets home.


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