Leave the Undecided Voters Alone

I don’t need to tell anyone that this has been an incredibly upsetting and disappointing presidential campaign run for Clinton and Trump. (and Johnson and Stein if you’re really following). Now, for those who have been around longer than my 30 years, you may remember some other campaigns that were crazy. I pretty much only have memory of Bush (the younger of the two), Obama and our current snowballing situation. Of course, there is always drama, but my goodness, I can’t even keep up anymore.


I’m what people would consider a “millennial”. Based on the internet, this is what this is means; roughly;

  • Grew up in an electronics-filled and increasingly online and socially-networked world
  • Tolerant of difference
  • Having been raised under the mantra “follow your dreams” and being told they were special, they tend to be confident
  • Their confidence has been argued to spill over into the realms of entitlement and narcissism
  • Expected to be less economically successful than their parents.

What I will tell you is that I don’t completely disagree. I was lucky enough to grow up with technology and am definitely much more open-minded than many older generations. Where I was blessed and do not fit the mold, is with how I was raised. I was of course told to follow my dreams, because, well, duh! but, my parents wanted me to have realistic goals and never feel entitled. I owe this to the fact that my parents were at least 20 years older than most other parents and my family comes from immigrants. The mindset was one of being thankful and working hard and to aim for better than what I was raised with.


Based on being a “millennial”, I have heard that “we” are voting for Trump and then Clinton and that we can change the election one way or the other. And with all of the information that is bombarded, along with the “marketing” memes, gifs, and SNL skits floating around, it is hard to say that either option is a good one. And to make matters worse, this lies on our shoulders?!?!!?!?

On my own personal social media I have a pretty balanced mix of both supporters. But, the part that is a bit frustrating is when people say, how can you be undecided??????

Pro-Clinton voters wonder how you can be undecided about a bigoted, misogynistic, dramatic, angry, unqualified (among other choice adjectives) person. Pro-Trump voters wonder how you can be undecided about a lying, deceptive, irresponsible, “killer” (also among other choice words). When asked why they are voting for their candidate, many will say, because, at least it’s not him/her; or, they are the lesser of two evils., it’s better than the alternative, etc.


With that mentality, I don’t understand why people get so upset about undecided voters. What if both of those things ring true? What if you see the bad in both and just don’t want to “settle” on helping to choose the leader of the free world? What if you are smart enough and know how to do math well enough that you know that a vote for an independent party won’t matter because there won’t be enough votes for them? (Besides, have you read up on these alternatives anyways? Yeah, just know you’re not missing out on much.)

I could go on and on with the what-ifs; frankly, there are so many. And one of the ways that I know this has gotten out of hand and turned into more of a popularity contest than a true test of who is better for our country is the statements I see. One prime example is a post that I read today. It literally said, “People say they can’t trust Trump but he has never lied.” Like, whaaaaaaa?!?!!? I mean, c’mon now. I just had to laugh at that one. I just wish that despite the side that you are on, you would calmly and tactfully explain why your candidate is better, with actual facts and truth, than settle on explaining why the other is worse.

I’m not saying that everyone does this, but for those who do, just stop. Everyone has things that are important to them. The military, healthcare, jobs, education, taxes, etc. Just know that none of these candidates are going to give you everything that you want. Noone is perfect and government officials definitely won’t be. Figure out what matters to you. Ultimately, the past will have nothing to do with the future. Not to say it doesn’t matter, it just shouldn’t be what sways you one way or the other. Educate yourself on their platforms and the other important things you’ll be voting for. Look at how your votes will impact everything on a grand scale, not just how it affects your facebook feed.


At the end of the day, if you can’t knowledgeably and specifically tell people what is good about your candidate, then why aren’t you also undecided?




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