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I’ve learned so much in my 30 years. I’ve realized that learning doesn’t stop, like, ever. It’s a constant journey of lessons, rules, expectations, guidelines, and everything in between. I think the hardest part is just looking back after learning something new and thinking, why did I not know this x time ago?

Currently, my thought is, why did I put so much pressure on myself to be flawless at all times, forever? I have always been irked by things like not finishing a project, a dish still in the sink, a half vacuumed house or just some random thing on the to-do list not being done.

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I think it’s just the anxiety and neurotic part of my brain that just can’t chill out for a bit. I’m working on this though.  I swear.

Back to productivity, I had an amazingly productive day yesterday. Like, on a scale from 1-10, it was like a, climbed Mt Everest. It was just everything I wanted and needed it to be and I was in a good mood all day. Like, whaaa?!?!?! This doesn’t come easy or often and it was such a nice change from what have been mostly generic, boring and mediocre days. I was genuinely proud of myself, which is also so rare for me to say, think or feel.

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Today, well, not so much. I had high hopes but there was just one thing after the other and I just didn’t have it in me to pull off getting everything done and being productive.  Little one was moody (she called me a “stupid mommy” for getting put in time out — talk about a punch in the gut), little man got caught living in a room that was more suitable for hoarders than an 11-year-old and I received some rejections to some hopeful job opportunities, which is just disheartening.

Now, normally, this would mean that productive me is out the window and I will just have to wait weeks or even months for a solid good day to happen again. That’s just not something I could accept and so I made it a point to focus on the things I DID get done and not everything that still hasn’t gotten checked off. It’s all about perspective and I am totally choosing to move forward with the same goals I have had and not let a bad day, rough day, or anything else hinder me. Tomorrow is another day and it’s going to be a great one. Don’t allow negativity to steal your worth, happiness or progress. You’re better than that. If you have a day like that, just breathe, look forward to tomorrow and know that you’re not alone…



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