Top 5 Ways To Get Through The Holidays

Having anxiety on a very basic level is one of the most exhausting, frustrating and tiring things to deal with. Add to that the social aspect and it can break even the strongest of people. It's a daily struggle and takes a lot of work to really be able to stay level-headed. Now, this happens … Continue reading Top 5 Ways To Get Through The Holidays


I’ve learned so much in my 30 years. I’ve realized that learning doesn’t stop, like, ever. It’s a constant journey of lessons, rules, expectations, guidelines, and everything in between. I think the hardest part is just looking back after learning something new and thinking, why did I not know this x time ago? Currently, my … Continue reading

Lonely Island

I have slept in my king sized bed alone for the last two nights and I still have 1 more night to go. I’m not normally a very emotional person. I don’t carry my heart on my sleeve. I have never been the type of person to miss somebody. It’s not a feeling that I’m … Continue reading Lonely Island